Eating food made in an earthen pot will not break diseases even around

Nowadays aluminum and steel utensils are used for cooking. Instead, food made in an earthen pot is more beneficial for your health. In ancient times, food was made in pottery, so people used to fall ill earlier. But with changing times, people’s kitchens became less like clay and renewable things came. It is easy to use but also causes great harm to your body.

If you cannot use pottery, then make bread and eat it on clay pan instead. You will also avoid many diseases. Let us tell you today what are the benefits of cooking food in clay pan or utensils.

Why is earthen pot beneficial?

Perhaps you do not know that cooking in an aluminum pot eliminates 87 percent nutrients, brass vessels have 7 percent nutrients and a bronze vessel has 3 percent nutrients. Earthen utensils are such in which the body gets 100 percent nutrients from cooking. Apart from this, eating or cooking food in pottery has many advantages.

Micro nutrients do not end

Pulses and vegetables made in an earthen pot contain 100 percent micro nutrients, whereas, 87 percent nutrients of the pulses and vegetables made in a pressure cooker are absorbed by the nutrients of aluminum. That’s why dieticians and nutrition are now advising to cook in an earthen pot

Let us now tell you the benefits of cooking in an earthen pot…

1.Relieve gas problem

Eating bread made on clay pan keeps away gas problems. If there is a gas problem due to sitting in the office all day, then eat bread made on clay pan. There will be relief in a few days.

2.Disease prevention

Earthen pots prevent any nutrient present in the food from being exhausted. Due to which our body gets complete nutrients, these nutrients work to protect the body from diseases

3.Relieving constipation

Constipation is common in the run-of-the-mill life and changing lifestyles, because nowadays people often forget to eat homemade food to go to office or work quickly due to being busy and have become dependent on the fast food available from outside. is. In this case, there is a problem of constipation. If you also have this problem, then definitely eat bread made on the griddle.

3.pH level remains balanced

The alkaline properties of the soil process with the acids available in food, neutralize or control the pH in the body, which is very important for health.

4.Food becomes more tasty

Compared to other utensils, food made in clay pot is very tasty in the test. It takes a little longer to cook food in an earthen pot but such food prevents many diseases.

5.Food doesn’t spoil soon

The food which is made in an earthen pot does not spoil quickly. The main reason for this is that the mines take time to be made, due to which the food remains fresh for a long time.

6.Rich in minerals and vitamins

Cooking in clay pots makes your food more nutritious as it incorporates minerals and vitamins such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, sulfur into your food.

If you adopt these vastu tips in the bedroom, then the doors of luck will open

If you adopt these vastu tips in the bedroom, then the doors of luck will open

Chandigarh’s housewife Pooja Gupta used to fight a lot with her husband. Fighting issues are also minor, which later became sesame seeds. Pooja then set the bedroom apart, doing something different. He threw away the broken CD and DVD player, which he kept in a bed box. After this, Gupta’s married life became happy again. There was no way to clean pooja’s house. He set his bedroom again, following the rules of Vastu Shastra. He said, “I also removed the oil painting of a weeping woman from the wall”.

Vastu consultant and author who has written books on this subject, Dr. Nitin Parmar said, “Vastu Shastra is the Indian cosmology of architecture and brings happiness, peace and splendor to the lives of people by bringing amicable atmosphere. It ensures good life by creating balance and rhythm ”. Today we will tell you how Vastu Shastra changes your bedroom map to make it a place of rest and rejuvenation.

Which Direction.?

According to Vastu, your bed should be facing east or south. While the bed in the guest room can be facing west. If the bed is of wood then it is even better. The metal bed produces negative forces. To increase love, a couple should sleep on a single mate and do not combine two separate matres.


Be very careful while placing the dressing table. According to Vastu, there should not be a mirror in front of your bed, because if the shadow of someone sleeping is seen in the mirror, then it is considered inauspicious.

Distance created by devices:

There is no need for anything that disrupts the peace of the bedroom, not even the TV. If you have a TV in your bedroom, it should be a reasonable distance from its bed. Like glass, beds should not be seen on the TV screen. According to Dr. Parmar, it should be avoided to keep a computer in the bedroom or it should be kept at a particular distance. Computers and mobile phones are more power efficient devices and dangerous rays emanate from cell phones, computers and televisions.

What color should the paint be:

According to Dr. Snehal Deshpande, expert in classical architecture and Feng Shui, colors not only make our world colorful but they also have an impact on our mood, health and happiness. Get your bedroom painted off of white, baby pink and cream colors. Avoid getting dark colors. Keep your room clean and organized.

Show litter out of the way:

Do not keep things you have not used for years such as clocks, electrical items, broken paintings and machines in your bedroom. These things prevent positive energy from entering the house and create unrest. Never put water fountains, aquariums, pictures of war and a picture of a lonely woman in your bedroom.

Fragrance of fragrance:

A good fragrance can quickly cure your mood. So try to keep your room always scented. Keep scented candles, diffusers or perfumes in your bedroom. You can use the scent of jasmine or lavender. Deshpande said that the Couples should keep bright heart shaped stones in the south-west part of the bedroom. This will bring happiness in your life.

Keep these things in mind:

1.Do not keep a round or oval shape bed in your bedroom.

2.Beds should always have a place to sit. Never sleep by opening the window behind you while sleeping.

3.The roof above the bed should not be round.

4.One should not sleep under an iron beam.

5.Pictures of ancestors should not be hung on the wall.

6.Do not keep temples in the bedroom.

7.Throw the broken things out of the house.

8.If not in use, keep the attached toilet door closed.

9.Clean the floor by dissolving sea salt in water once a week, as it removes negative forces.

5 Ways TO Cleaning Wooden Furniture

5 Ways TO Cleaning Wooden Furniture

To give the house a modern look, it is necessary to give the furniture a new look. It is difficult to keep the furniture new amidst the everyday dust and mis chiefs of children. Therefore, to keep them new, you should know about some such measures, which will make your furniture look nice and unique. Let us learn how old furniture can be made new. So let’s know about these remedies

Cover Scores: Scrubs come on old wooden furniture. For dark wood furniture, apply ground coffee to the scratches. Wait 10 minutes and then wipe it with a soft and dry cloth. For light-colored furniture, use groundnut powder.

Tea and Coffee Stains: You know how hard it is to remove the tea and coffee spots from wood. These stains are easily cleaned with canola oil and vinegar. Mix one-fourth oil to three-fourth vinegar. Apply this solution to the furniture with the help of a cotton cloth.

Mineral Oil and Lemon: Mix lemon juice in mineral oil. First, wipe the furniture with a dry cloth and then dip it in the solution and apply it on the furniture. After drying for a while, apply this solution on the at least thrice. The shine will be noticeable after drying.

Use of bleach: Take a bucket of hot water. Add a quarter cup of bleaching powder to it. Grind the plastic chair and wipe it with a dry cloth. You will immediately see a miracle.




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Lcd wall units

Lcd wall units

Lcd wall units

Family rooms that exploit the corner space open up whatever is left of the space for more versatile settlement. In case you mount your Lcd television toward the side of a room, for instance, there is more space to move about in. This is especially useful in a humbler receiving area and means you can frequently enhance your seating with the objective

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Kitchen gallery

Kitchen gallery

Special Vastu Tips related to Kitchen

The maximum time of women is spent in the kitchen. According to Vastu Shastri, if Vastu is not right, it has adverse effect on the woman, also at home. Consider these things while building a kitchen.

The height of the kitchen should be 10 to 11 feet and there should be a ventilator to vent the hot air. If the height of the kitchen is 4-5 feet, then the health of women is adversely affected. There should never be any water source attached to the kitchen. Create a bore, well, bathroom in the kitchen side, you can only provide washing space.

Sunlight came most in the kitchen. Always keep this in mind. Take special care of the cleanliness of the kitchen, because it brings positive and positive energy.

Kitchen should always be built in the south-east corner, which is called Agnika(fire) If it is not possible to make a kitchen in this angle, then you can make it on the north-west angle, also known as the aerial angle.

The most important part of the kitchen should always be in the east and the sink and fire angle should be placed in the northeast.

There should never be any door or window in the south of the kitchen. Keep the window to the east.

Also take special care when choosing a color. Color should be selected based on women’s horoscope.

The floor or platform of granite should never be built in the kitchen, nor should there be any such thing as a mirror, because it has adverse effects and increases the situation of discord in the house.

Loft in the kitchen, cupboards should be in the south or west wall only. Apply the water filter to the northeast.

Any power point in the kitchen such as mixer, grander, microwave, oven should be placed in the platform towards the south. Always keep the fridge in a horizontal angle.



The center table gives a different feel to our home drawing room. A beautifully decorated center table not only fills the empty space but also helps to give the sofa set a different look. The center table in our homes is often used for holding TV remotes, books and newspapers, but if you decorate it beautifully it will give your home a new look.

Center Table Decorating Tips

1. The center table should be decorated keeping in mind the decoration and theme of your home drawing room. Whenever there is a festival, change the look of the table, or else the center table is decorated in a simple way.

2. Beautiful flowers, bonsai, candles, sculptures and crystal etc. can enhance the look of your table. They must be used.

3. If you can’t do much to decorate the center table, then put a big bowl full of flower leaves on it. Also, do not forget to put floating candles in the middle.

4 center table is not only for viewing but you can smell it if you want. You simply tie a lot of scented candles together and burn them when it is evening. Your room will smell.

5. You can decorate any show piece or center stand at the center. This will make the table look slightly full.

Double door design

Double door design

Mica door skin

Mica door skin

Railing space covered

Railing space covered