The center table gives a different feel to our home drawing room. A beautifully decorated center table not only fills the empty space but also helps to give the sofa set a different look. The center table in our homes is often used for holding TV remotes, books and newspapers, but if you decorate it beautifully it will give your home a new look.

Center Table Decorating Tips

1. The center table should be decorated keeping in mind the decoration and theme of your home drawing room. Whenever there is a festival, change the look of the table, or else the center table is decorated in a simple way.

2. Beautiful flowers, bonsai, candles, sculptures and crystal etc. can enhance the look of your table. They must be used.

3. If you can’t do much to decorate the center table, then put a big bowl full of flower leaves on it. Also, do not forget to put floating candles in the middle.

4 center table is not only for viewing but you can smell it if you want. You simply tie a lot of scented candles together and burn them when it is evening. Your room will smell.

5. You can decorate any show piece or center stand at the center. This will make the table look slightly full.


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