To give the house a modern look, it is necessary to give the furniture a new look. It is difficult to keep the furniture new amidst the everyday dust and mis chiefs of children. Therefore, to keep them new, you should know about some such measures, which will make your furniture look nice and unique. Let us learn how old furniture can be made new. So let’s know about these remedies

Cover Scores: Scrubs come on old wooden furniture. For dark wood furniture, apply ground coffee to the scratches. Wait 10 minutes and then wipe it with a soft and dry cloth. For light-colored furniture, use groundnut powder.

Tea and Coffee Stains: You know how hard it is to remove the tea and coffee spots from wood. These stains are easily cleaned with canola oil and vinegar. Mix one-fourth oil to three-fourth vinegar. Apply this solution to the furniture with the help of a cotton cloth.

Mineral Oil and Lemon: Mix lemon juice in mineral oil. First, wipe the furniture with a dry cloth and then dip it in the solution and apply it on the furniture. After drying for a while, apply this solution on the at least thrice. The shine will be noticeable after drying.

Use of bleach: Take a bucket of hot water. Add a quarter cup of bleaching powder to it. Grind the plastic chair and wipe it with a dry cloth. You will immediately see a miracle.