Special Vastu Tips related to Kitchen

The maximum time of women is spent in the kitchen. According to Vastu Shastri, if Vastu is not right, it has adverse effect on the woman, also at home. Consider these things while building a kitchen.

The height of the kitchen should be 10 to 11 feet and there should be a ventilator to vent the hot air. If the height of the kitchen is 4-5 feet, then the health of women is adversely affected. There should never be any water source attached to the kitchen. Create a bore, well, bathroom in the kitchen side, you can only provide washing space.

Sunlight came most in the kitchen. Always keep this in mind. Take special care of the cleanliness of the kitchen, because it brings positive and positive energy.

Kitchen should always be built in the south-east corner, which is called Agnika(fire) If it is not possible to make a kitchen in this angle, then you can make it on the north-west angle, also known as the aerial angle.

The most important part of the kitchen should always be in the east and the sink and fire angle should be placed in the northeast.

There should never be any door or window in the south of the kitchen. Keep the window to the east.

Also take special care when choosing a color. Color should be selected based on women’s horoscope.

The floor or platform of granite should never be built in the kitchen, nor should there be any such thing as a mirror, because it has adverse effects and increases the situation of discord in the house.

Loft in the kitchen, cupboards should be in the south or west wall only. Apply the water filter to the northeast.

Any power point in the kitchen such as mixer, grander, microwave, oven should be placed in the platform towards the south. Always keep the fridge in a horizontal angle.